Weekend Love

Weekend Love!


Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy about all things miniature… So here is my weekend love list with all things super tiny!


Ahhhh mini books are just so so cute! I’m dying to make one… I had actually a long time ago… and they are easy… Lets see.. maybe I’ll make my next video on it!!


Pancakes are my favourite.. especially with like a berry compote… so yummy… but these mini pancakes are just adorable! I must try it!


I used to love mini skirts. Love love loved them…. I had plaid ones and checked ones and flared ones and straight cut ones… and I would wear them everywhere… In fact I remember my mum in law once bought me one from one of her trips because she knew I loved them so much!! But I haven’t worn one in so long… around two three years now…. I wonder why… I have got to get me a sexy little mini skirt!!!


My love for all things mini of course started with me wanting to make little doll houses in my alternate life! But this image particularly makes me so happy… I mean look at that studio… If I had a real life studio like that with those big glass windows… Man I’d never leave!!


The shortest and most effective pick me up- WHATS STOPPING YOU?!!! Before any decision you have to make thats making you think twice… just ask yourself this simple question… and more often than not the answer will either be- NOTHING or something that seems silly!


Have A  Crafty Weekend!

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