2017- this is what I have planned for you!!

1. I will and I can live without a maid (unless of course you can recommend someone amazing!)
But if not.. I can live without one. I simply need to break up my day better and I can actually do it all!! ha ha ha!! not but honestly…. I will take what I have and make the best of it this year… and being able to look after my home my kid and my work and doing it the best way I know… is going to be good enough…
2. I have to dream bigger… and believe that I can achieve it… last year I gave up one dream for another and I quite lost myself in all of it.. but this year I’m going to not just do both but do them damn effing well… !!
3. I spent all of last year convincing myself that I just wanted to get stronger and fitter not necessarily thinner… But this year I have decided I want to get thinner… I think its better to be honest with your body and your mind than to just fool it… I want to be thin and have clothes look better on me… simple as that.
4. I want to do things alone this year… I want to go for movies lunches alone… maybe with one other person, not anyone I live with though!!!! I want to take breaks from the lovely incredible supremely annoying people I live with.
5. I want to make 3 new friends this year… not acquaintances not oh that random person I really enjoyed chatting with at that random place… nope… friends… people I will keep in touch with… meet often. And for this to happen I will be more social… be a more Yes person when it comes to going out.
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