Front and Back of the Camera!

So every fifth person I meet today is a photographer… professional, amateur…. doesn’t matter…. they are photographers!!! Like a few years ago it was cool to be a dj, today its cool to be a photographer and if you’re a travel photographer Oh My God!!! you’re the uber cool, part of the hip lot I say!!
And keeping in mind this day and age of “selfies”, here are some “uber cool” images of cameras and the ones behind them!!
From Here
From Here
From Here
From Here
I’m not much of a photographer.. but I can safely say I have fallen in love with my Nikon D3300 camera… and what I can do with it… My Videos!!! Every day is a learning and every day brings something fun with it! Added to my collection are my tripod and lights… makes me feel so professional!! ha ha ha!!
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