Christmas Wreaths!

This December has been super hectic… too much happening.. too many changes in life… It really is one ‘end of year’ that is making me sit back, take stock and plan for the next. Last year wasn’t like that… the shift from one year to the next was pretty seamless… it was nice… this year seems like one of those life altering ones!!

But well… while that is happening…you know all the life altering stuff… The christmasy stuff must go on! And while my tree is partly up…. just need to light it up… I have not got a wreath out on my door… and I love wreaths… they make your home look so welcoming… don’t you think?

So here are a few I found online… that are inspiring me to make my own…

Let me know which one you like and I’ll make it!!


Lets start with this beautiful traditional one…. Just look at those colours… how inviting!

This just seems like a dream come true… A fairy land…!!


I’m so torn with this one… because it means cutting up a book.. but can you imagine making it out of your favourite book?!! Finally some use of my eight copies of Pride and Prejudice?!!!!


This one is so simple and modern… But thats exactly what I love about it….!


Now this one is just perfect for me.. I think… Mad colours … pom poms… super bohemian!!! And those gold reindeers and ombre tassels… whats not to love?!!

So should I go traditional… modern… fun or boho?!!

Not like I need more questions to run thru my head end of the year… but well, these are just very important ones!



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