Weekend Love

Weekend Love!

The thing I love about December is that lovely little nip in the air… yes bombay has a nip in the air… and its a really nice one… one that makes me feel all cozy and warm and fuzzy!

But what I love the most is that during this month I feel like miracles can happen… that magic is real…Maybe its all the movies and christmas postcards that give me that feeling… but hey… I would like to believe its just the magic of Christmas!

Its also the month when you can leave back all the things that didn’t work for you and look forward to all the promising things that are to come…

And its the time you get to meet Santa or well at least get presents from him!!!

And something about parties during this month… You can just imagine the candles, the tree with the sparkly ornaments, the roast chicken and yummy veggies and the free flowing wine!

On this note… here are my weekend finds… all christmasy of course!!!



I have a few pinecones I’ve collected so this DIY seems like one that I can definitely do! And the best part is I can use it as a tree ornament or for a table setting or I can put it on top of a gift as part of the wrapping… So many ideas running thru my head now!!!


I have never baked… not sure if I can even!! But if I ever did… I would love to make this cake… like how did they get these lights on inside?!!!


Jammies, woollen sock and a big fluffy sweater… a warm cozy blanket, a cup of coffee and Gilmore girls on my laptop… life sounds pretty perfect!!


My christmas tree comes on mid December and I try to keep it on till mid jan after fighting my mum for it a lot!!! But somehow my house near looks like this… this perfect… its is its own kind of perfect… but not this!! Ha ha ha!!


Nothing can pick me up or make me feel more inspired than the word “believe” ok maybe “magic” but thats about it… I love these words… especially because I am one of those silly people who looses faith very often…. so the reminder to believe is very inspiring for me!

So I wish you guys a lovely December…. and I hope you’re ready for the magic it bring with it!!!

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