Weekend Love

Weekend Love!

The weekend has started and it has started well… I’m sitting typing away on the laptop… I have soooo many tabs open that I’m jumping between… really my kind of bar hopping.. or window shopping if you please!


And to add to it all.. I have my tv on for the white noise, my wine glass with my cheap but so delicious dia wine… and my warm yellow light lamp!

I sketched and painted and doodled for about an hour before I had dinner…


….while watching the first and last episodes of the Gilmore girls… thought I’d catch up on how it all began to where it ended before the show comes out next week!

How is all this possible you ask? Well, the universe conspired and I very strongly hinted for the family to go away!!

Ha ha!!

Well ok it was a mix of both… The Hubby was travelling and I “requested” Mum to take the little fellow for the night to my brother’s.

I just really really needed to be alone. To have a quiet day..a no work day, a no “do this do that” day, a no “momma I’m cranky day”… nothing… just one evening, one peaceful night to myself….

Recently the noise, the madness has been driving my crazy internally.,.. and before it blew up externally I guess the universe just decided to let me have that day off!!

I’m sure most of us go thru those days… and sometimes we are lucky to have the support of the family to get that time off.

And I have loved my time off… Its been truly amazing!!

Well.. I can only hope you guys have a great weekend too… here are some things to help you!



What I would give to make this amazing DIY Paper Flower Canopy and hang it over my bed… But with the Bombay dust… they would look gray in like two days!!!! But one can dream!!


This looks so so so yum…. you know I actually saw something like this at social… anti social… one of those.. the ones at the fun republic building… we had a girls night out and all of us just oohed and aaahed at it for like 2 minutes because it was so beautiful!!


Wearing a flowing dress with a high slit is a dream for me…  it just looks so romantic… I think if any girl were to wear this dress, and I mean any… that day would be her rom com movie day… everything would be sunshiney and perfect and her boyfriend/husband would do all these crazy romantic things for her and if she doesn’t have a boyfriend/husband then well.. then this dress would be that one which makes the guy just stop in his tracks and watch her walk in slow mo!!! ahhhhh… this dress!


Since today is an all alone me day.. this room is really talking to me… It just looks like a room for one person… one arty crafty alternate kind of person… and just outside is the beach!!


Yup Gratitude… being alone today has given me a chance to actually sit back and take stock of things. Life, work, family home… all of it… And to be honest, I feel so content… I know having a drive, an ambition is good and what makes you successful… well.. not according to me… I believe you are doing well in life, are successful when at any point you can stop, look around and tell yourself, you did good. And thats what I did today… I Did Good.. and for that I am Grateful!

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