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Happy Diwali and A Prosperous New Year!!!

When we were kids diwali was all about firecrackers and new clothes and mithais….!!!!

The house would have lights on from Dussehra and mum would make a beautiful rangoli in the living room…. (which more often that not my dog would ruin in the middle of the night) we would make all sorts of eatables like chakli and chirotis and shankarpadas!!!! all my marathi friends will get these!!!!!On Diwali day we would be made to wake up super early and mum would put us on this little paath (stool) and put this perfumed powder oil mixture called uthna….I hated getting up that early… as I grew older I was made to get up even earlier to do rangoli around the stool (how  grumpy I used to be)  and then we would shower. I still get that perfumed smell diwali mornings!!

My favourite part was getting dressed in our new clothes and getting ready for the guests.

The main event was the Diwali breakfast….. along with all the above snacks mum would make dahi poha and kala vatanas ( back peas) so so so yummy!! Everyone was invited for Diwali breakfast! Friends family everyone. A lot of times there would be certain relatives we would see only Diwali to Diwali! And each would come with more mithais and gifts!

Once all our friends would come, it would be time for crackers…. I don’t promote noise pollution or child labor…. but as kids we really enjoyed a few crackers!!

Oh how I loved that breakfast! I could eat it like three four times that day…. ! Yes we can make it during the year but then whats the fun?!!!

We would eat so much that it would turn into a brunch. Post it you start with lazying around and opening all the gifts and eventually you just knock out on the couch.  The sleep you get on a happy full stomach is the best!

My entire childhood memories revolve around Diwali… the new year lunch at CCI, the shopping for new clothes on linking and hill road, the smell in the air during those days… it takes me back to a good place!
In the last few years Diwali has changed so much, we spend most of them in Jaipur… and its as amazing but very different… There its more about the puja, the Diwali parties where there is the best food and lots of cards to be played… Its great because when we have the party at our place, I really get to decorate the house.. and there is nothing I enjoy more than that!
This year we were travelling just before Diwali, and we are in Bombay for it… So I’ve decided to have the breakfast and decorate the house my way!!
Here is my new video with some great ideas for a last minute Diwali party… So watch it like it and share it… and Have a Great Diwali this year and a very Prosperous New Year!!

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