Weekend Love

Weekend Love!

This weekend has been so much fun! We’re in Orlando… yes we did Disney… and it was every bit as magical as I┬áremember it to be ­čÖé

This whole trip till now has been magical…the wedding was beautiful, watching Siddy be amazed with the sea creatures at Georgia Aquarium was amazing for me and it was all topped by the truly magical Disney!

So this weeks round up is not going to be links to things I saw and fell in love with on the internet, since to be honest I have hardly got time to just browse thru the internet, but it will be made of the amazing things I experienced this last week!



I consider myself the flower queen… and this backdrop just blew my mind away!! Not just that it was all ombre… but hello check out the size of each freaking rose!!! OH MY FLOWER GODDESS!!!! I think I just stared at this backdrop for about twenty minutes!! Super Love!!



This was our daily high tea menu during the wedding… Now you’re thinking I must be eating some pretty mean burgers and yummy pizzas here and all I’m putting up as a picture for my food category is some coldcuts and cheese…! Well,yes… thats because this little plate of cold food was just soooooooo delicious! Each cold cut, each cheese had this awesome flavour and that pickle just kicked it all up a notch… and the best part was it was so refreshing! YUM!



Now, I wore some really gorgeous clothes at this wedding, and thats going to be a whole other post… however, this was my first “Desi” look in Augusta… and everyone loved it so much!



This is my Uncle’s place… and trust me this picture does zero justice to it. While it’s situated in a ridiculous high end neighbourhood (read: it has it’s own 18 hole golf course within it) the house itself was just the prettiest I have ever seen! And my aunt and uncle have designed┬áit so beautiful it was a real pleasure to stay here!



Yup… simple as that guys… Have a Magical Day!

On that note… I think its safe to say goodbye!!

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