Going to America!!

So Diy Day is holidaying it up in America!!!

Yup…I came here a day ago… and its been super fun as well as super exhausting!!

Ok lets start from the beginning!!

It’s a cousins wedding and thats why the plan to come visit… on our itinerary { a word I just can’t spell without spell check 🙂 } is augusta for the wedding, hiltonhead for a beachside two days, then orlando {read Harry Potter here i come!!} for a few days and then New York for a few days.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

It was the first long flight for my kiddo and we were kind of apprehensive about how he would get through it, so I packed a bunch of toys and we loaded my iPad with lots of new fun apps for him.

At the airport he had so much fun walking round, eating, taking pictures with all these fun things they have.







The first half of our trip was great, till we got to Frankfurt… he slept thru most of it and the times he was awake he was crazy excited about everything. When we landed he even asked the air hostess if he could meet the pilot, and i think she was taken aback to hear a little three year old make that request! And after checking with the pilot, she took us to the cockpit. All you have to do is to see that big grin to know how much he enjoyed this moment!


At Frankfurt airport he met his favourite person in the whole world, his Grandad… and from there me and the hubby were free!!!! But the flight to Atlanta, he got angsty… every twenty minutes “Are we there yet?” Poor kid, the novelty of the flight and big aeroplane and everything had already started to wear off! To be honest, I was quite fed up myself… it was one of those flights where every time you think an hour has passed and you look at the screen and it says its just been 15 mins… aarrggghhh!!!





Finally we reached Atlanta and drove down to Augusta. I’m sure for most people who have been here and travelled extensively this particular drive may not seem like much… but for us it looked beautiful! The long wide curvy roads with perfect gorgeous tress lined on the edges, the clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds … everything was picture perfect.


We’re staying at the Sheraton Hotel and the rooms are so comfortable. My sweet in-laws took a room with twin beds so that the kiddo could sleep on one and me and the hubby could share the other, But of course last night, just like I predicted, it was me and him curled up in one bed and the hubby enjoying the space on his own!!

We haven’t done much yet. We went over to our cousin’s absolutely gorgeous house and then to a mall to buy some basics, had my first Starbucks of the trip!! Won’t ever understand the big deal.. I mean it was good coffee… but like if you ask me my favourite coffee tell date it was this little cafe in London we had gone to last year… the coffee was sooooooo good we actually had three cups between us!


Any way, here I am clicking away on my keyboard while the little one naps,hoping to document everything we do on this fun trip!

Oh yes, we are also recording it all, so you can watch our first travelog soon!

I’m off… 🙂

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