Weekend Love

Weekend Love!

The Weekend is here again!!!

I’ve had a pretty crazy week… had two work orders, had to shoot two videos (very exciting ones!!) and I had to sort out clothes and pack for our upcoming Holiday!!! Woohoo…!! Yup..as of next week.. I’m outta here…. out of the country out of the daily grind! And man, I can’t wait.

We leave Monday night and from now till then I have a bazillion things to finish! From a school reunion dinner, to editing a video to taking the kiddo for a haircut and a birthday party, to meeting friends for brunch to finishing all my packing…. I think I’m finally going to really put my feet up on flight!

Up until then… here are a few things that are keeping me inspired this week!!!




I absolutely love this sea shell centrepiece idea… its ideal for a beach and all but frankly i would put tow three of them on my dining table to make me feel like i’m on the beach!!


This easy peasy marshmallow treat is just what sunday is all about… I just checked my kitchen.. I have marshmallows, chocolate sauce and sprinkles… hmmmm…. !!!!


That skirt… Oh my god that skirt… and with that stark blue shirt… its awesome!!


Not only do I love this colour on the mirror frame… but if you click the link you will see what else it turns into!!!

A Pick me up:

This single quote has made me get up and do things when I thought nothing was going to go good… But I did them anyways and they turned out great!


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