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Trying out new material for crafting is really fun… but also getting a good understanding of your material is very important.

I’ve been crafting forever but somehow paper and felt were my top material choices… stamping came in much later… so .. I’ve decided to try out all the stamps i had at home and see what kind of results they give…

Here is what I found out!


The first thing I found out was for someone who hardly stamps, I had a LOT of stamps!!! Rubber stamps, foam stamps, wooden blocks, sponges… you name it I had it!!

Each stamp needed a different color material… some needed ink pads and some needed paints… So i got it all out and got Stampin’!!!



My very important opinion on all:

  1. Rubber stamps: I liked these the best, except that you have to be careful when you place it on the ink pad to not get any ink on the edges as that will print as well. (Doesn’t show in the above image because well, I was very careful!!)
  2. Wooden Blocks: I think this would look awesome on some nice linen fabric… it needs a lot of pressing down to get a clear print. And you need to apply the paint with a brush for such a small block because if you dip it in the paint it forms blobs of paint which ruin the design.
  3. Foam cutouts: These are nice too..I used an ink pad but I think you can try paint too… both will work nicely.
  4. Sponge stamps:  The most tough to work with. It needed too much paint, because it just soaked up most of it… and you really need to press it down and put some pressure to get a clear print.
  5. The Rolling Sponge Stamp: Surprisingly easier than the sponge stamp. But even this soaks up too much paint.

Well, there you go, now you know!!!

And once you know, you can make the right choice for your artwork. I recommend though that you experiment with all of them for the fun of it to begin with and see for yourself which one you liked!

And remember to share your experiments and your stamping artwork with us using the #diydayalishka

Here is the video so you can see for yourselves how fun stamping is!

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