Weekend Love

Weekend Love

Friday night… the weekend is here!!!

Alas, for me its a working weekend. I have a fun Thomas the train party this Sunday and I’m spending my weekend working at it!

I don’t mind working weekends so much… maybe because I don’t really think of my work as “work” .. somedays yes, its all too much, but somedays it just feels like fun… creating new things, playing around with different materials… its … well FUN!

A lot of my work is on the computer too… the designing bits and researching bits, so I keep jumping from my photoshop to my Pinterest and Facebook tabs for some in between distraction… and here are three things I’ve loved on the internet today…


Hells yeah… I didn’t… this is going up on my wall for inspiration!


This Cake!! Oh my god… someone anyone who bakes… are you watching this space… I will make you a gorgeous birthday banner if you give me this cake!!

Also click here to see more of this amazing baby shower.


I really really want to DIY this dress…. looks so simple and so so awesome!! I know you’re thinking “ya right she’s going to wear this out… in public”… I just might!! So next time you see a girl with big white pom poms all over her dress.. you’ll know its the nutter from Diy day with alishka!! ha ha!

alright guys.. I’m off… you all have a great weekend… and Keep Crafting!!

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