DIY DAY with Alishka

The Adventure Starts Here!

My love for all things DIY started when I was very very young… Since my mum is an artist, we always had lots of colours and papers all around the house…We would visit paper shops and stationary shops very often… and I would pick diaries and packets of stickers and one of my favourite things to horde were cards… Archies and hallmark cards to be precise… I would buy them and put them in a file never to use again…!!

Crayons, colour pencils and paints were a whole other story…. I would buy every kind of set possible just because the packaging would be different!

Of course, I never once thought that crafting and stationary would be my whole life once I grew up…Even though I always studied something in the arts… took a course in art in school.. then foundation art in the first year of college finishing it up with a diploma in Interior designing…. which I did for exactly two years of my life and never again!

But I think the creative foundation was very firmly set. I did around ten other things from the time I left college to the day I started my party planning company, Happy People Studio, but once I started that there was no looking back… My house, or to be honest, my entire life filled up with craft material and papers and glitter and glue and paint!

My company is now three years old… three years of fantastic handmade birthdays… From picnic parties to Peppa parties to slumber parties… I’ve done it all… and now I have that itch again to do something new… and thats where this new adventure comes in: DIY DAY with Alishka!!

DIY DAY with Alishka takes my love for DIY to a whole new level! I get to make and create things while shooting them to make tutorials for everyone to see and learn from… The best part is I get to learn so much from this new experience too. Right from using the a DSLR camera with professional lights for the shoot to editing adding music and basically making an entire movie out of it!

The last few months have been really amazing… and now I want to share more with you all.. So stick round and Lets Get Crafting!





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