First dates!

    You know that first date… the one where your stomach has a zillion butterflies. where you change your outfit a hundred times, where you think of all the things you’ll can talk about so that there is no awkward silence. That first date… it’s super special.

    I remember mine. It was with this boy I had been crushing on for a while. He went to school with my cousin sister. We met at an Inter school competition and kinda sorta noticed each other. So true to the  old school tradition, he told his friend who told my sister that he wanted my number… and soon we were chatting on the phone.

    Eventually we decide we must meet. I check with my parents who said I could go if there were  more people on the date (hmmmmmmmm don’t know how that is a date then … anyway) So we convinced his friend and my cousin to come along.

    The boys came on time to pick us up, looking sharp and chatted with my parents a bit, and off we went for Chinese lunch…My love for Chinese has now survived over two decades!

    The accidentally brushing of the arm , the holding your hand to help you cross the road, moving in a little closer to hear what you’re saying so that your foreheads are almost touching… these I think are the best parts of a first date. The sweetest parts. The ones that make your insides just become jello.

    Post lunch we played pool. Those days pool rooms were the hottest place to be!  I can literally still remember the room, the lighting, the way we sat around and played and chatted.  And then the boys walked us home.

    Sweet and simple.

    And its just not the first date. The entire beginning of a relationship is so much fun. The getting to know each others quirks, likes dislikes, fears. Its all about chatting and learning about each other.

    Physically as well, the newness of someone new, the breathlessness of being too close, the first kiss.

    My last first date was with my last boyfriend… who I married and had a baby with!

    I remember our first date so clearly. I remember catching his eye daily at work, his long hair, super hot arms, sexy eyes… He never wore formals to work.. and I wore a salwar suit like daily! I was at my geekiest best and yet this handsome guy wanted to chat me up on the stairs.

    It was funny how we shared the same transport vehicle back home, it meant we stayed close by. So  the first night when we got off at my house I was a little surprised. He actually lived a few buildings down the street, but he was hungry so he had got off with me hoping I had some food at home!!!  I was so shocked at how upfront he was that when he asked me out for a movie the next day I just said yes!

    We went and saw this god awful movie, I genuinely don’t remember it at all. All I could think was he was so close in those tiny theatre seats and our arms were almost touching. I don’t think I took a single breath all through the film! And yet, conversation with his just flowed. We chatted endlessly, all through movie, the ride home under my building later on the phone … we just couldn’t stop.

    After that date, he asked me out on a breakfast date. Our favourite kind… till date!

    First dates ave their own magic I think… somedays, 13 years after ‘dating’ the same guy you wonder if you will feel that giddiness that you did the first time… and I am blessed to say I do. My last first date, its still not over!